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We bring you a wide variety of products relating to the automotive industry.

We stock a large number of general DIY hardware products and offer comprehensive service and advice.  

ABE Midas offers products that include:

• Service Kits

• Engine Parts

• Lubricants and motor oils

• Hardware accessories

• Suspension and braking

To mention a few…


Welcome to ABE Midas

ABE Midas offers replacement parts for most everyday vehicles.

We stock all of our products in-house, if we do not have stock we will place and order and have the stock within the time frame issued by that specific supplier.

What makes ABE Midas different is our attention to detail and client service, our extensive trading hours suit our clients needs:

Trading Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 07h00 - 21h00

Sunday: 07h00 - 20h00

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